Music Educators of Bergen County, Inc. announces auditions for the 2015/2016 Bergen County High School

Chorus and Band. The Bergen County Chorus and Band have consistently displayed a high standard of musical

excellence and have been an important annual event for many of the county’s outstanding student musicians.

2015/2016 Bergen County Band and Chorus Festival Staff:

Evan Cooper, Festival Coordinator

2015/2016 Bergen County Chorus

Cynthia Verost, Saddle Brook HS, Conductor

Tom Voorhis, Ridgefield Memorial HS, Manager

Leslie MacPherson, Northern Valley Reg. HS-Dem., Audition Chair

2015/2016 Bergen County Band

Dr. Christian Wilhjelm, Pascack Hills HS, Conductor

David Marks, Midland Park HS, Manager

Amy Wilcox, Northern Valley Reg. HS-Old Tappan, Audition Chair

Please be aware of our attendance policy for students who successfully audition for the ensembles.  No absences of any kind will be allowed for any reason. Any absence will result in immediate removal from the ensemble.  Please be sure to check your schedule before applying to avoid uncomfortable and unnecessary situations.  As usual, the Band and Chorus Auditions will be held separately. Chorus Auditions will take place on Thursday, October 22, 2015, at Cresskill High School. Band Auditions will be on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at Paramus High School. Please check the Director and Student Audition information for submission deadlines.

Directors must complete the Director Application Form and SUBMIT THEM ONLINE and then print it out for signature. Students must complete the Student Application Form and SUBMIT THEM ONLINE and then print it out. The application endorsements must then be signed appropriately. Both the Director Application and the Student Applications accompanied by the appropriate audition fees should then be submitted to the Audition Chair by Certified Mail in one package. Students should not submit applications online more than one time (for each audition). Please have all pertinent information – voice part, instrument, director info, etc. – and a working printer connected to your computer before submitting application.

NEW THIS YEAR: 1. Director Registration forms will be completed and submitted online, then printed out for signature and mailing with student applications. 2. We have added to our schedule a “SNOW MAKEUP” date for the concert on Monday evening, January 18, 2016. Please put this date on your schedule.  All audition applications must be sent by CERTIFIED MAIL, RETURN RECEIPT REQUESTED. Your receipt will be verification that applications have been received. Certified mail guarantees that the audition coordinator received applications. By adhering to the above procedures, you, the audition chairs and the coordinator will avoid being placed in difficult situations.

Students in your Music Department who wish to participate in both ensembles may do so. Students auditioning for both must be aware of the responsibilities and schedules of both ensembles. If a student chooses to audition for both ensembles and is selected for both, the student must participate fully in both ensembles. Failure to participate fully will result in the student being dropped from both groups. Please advise your students to apply/audition for the ensemble(s) best suited for them.

Welcome, MEBCI Directors!

This is a new director registration process. Be sure to read the following instructions carefully! 

  1. Our new registration format will allow you to save a partial registration, and return later to complete or update. We recommend that you complete this form from a laptop/desktop, rather than a mobile device.

  1. To begin, you will need to create a login user name and password, just like an Amazon or iTunes account. Start with the New Users section of the form below.

When you return to complete a partial registration or update your information, enter the same username and password in the Returning Users section. Then select EDIT to edit the previous submission.

If you are submitting more than one Director Registration form (eg., MS Chorus and MS Band, or MS Band and HS Band), complete and submit one registration first. Then log back in with the SAME username/password and select START NEW instead of Edit on the next screen after logging in. This will allow you to create mulitple Director Registrations.

For HS directors: If you submit a second set of registrations (late registration deadline), log back in and select START NEW to create a new director registration for the late deadline submission.

You must print your Directors Form to mail with your student applications.


HS Chorus Director Instructions

HS Band Director Instructions

General Band and Chorus Information


HS Chorus Student Instructions

HS Chorus Audition Requirements

HS Chorus Student Application

HS Chorus Solo: Sicut Locutus Est

Directions to Creskill Jr/Sr HS


HS Band Student Instructions


HS Band Student Application

Percussion Etudes

Mallet Percussion



Directions to Paramus HS

If you have any questions, you may contact:

Amy Wilcox (Band Auditions Chair) at 201-768-3200 x24550 or wilcox@nvnet.org

Leslie MacPherson (Choral Auditions Chair) at 201-768-3200 x13551 or macpherson@nvnet.org

Evan Cooper (Festival Co-Coordinator) at 201-906-5217 or coopere@nvnet.org

Please download information and forms as needed.